Friday, July 1, 2011

Let's create! Pottery HD

Also available :  Let's create! Pottery Lite

Category: Entertainment

Let’s create! Pottery allows you to create virtual pottery using a pottery wheel without the mess.  You can create a shape by moving your finger over the spinning clay.  Once you are happy they piece is fired you can then decorate and sell.  As you sell pieces and collect coins you can purchase items to decorate the clay.  The game also provides challenges through virtual emails which provide a design challenge for the player.  Once you start this game becomes quite addictive as you start to explore your design skills and try to earn more money.

Apply to learning:
This is a great introduction to design and understanding 3D shapes.  Work can be created and then transformed into a 2D shape using shading to create tone.  Numeracy skills can be developed as you earn money by selling your work and purchasing elements to decorate with.  This app can be used as stimulus for an art class or discussion of cultures and design.


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